Medium - left to right, Rocko Zevenbergen, Cotter Phinney, Veska Naratama

Medium is a home-taped weirdo punk & goth pop band based in Brooklyn, NY. Fronted by Cotter Phinney on guitar and lead vocals, Medium released its first EP 246 Demos in 2020. Cotter followed that up with the smash-and-grab lo-fi single Life After Death, garnering praise from the likes of NME and Matt Wilkinson. Their latest track Life in Hell marks the introduction of Rocko Zevenbergen on drums and Veska Naratama on bass guitar. Taking influence from VHS aesthetics and 1970s Italian Giallo horror, Life in Hell's accompanying music video was directed by Cotter with production by Rocko and wardrobe by Veska. Medium's genre-defying music is a chaotic mix of lo-fi, post-punk, thrash, and new wave sounds.